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All our Razr™ knives are made of 1/4 inch thick 1095 High
Carbon Steel, heat treated three times, they are 13 inches
in total length and have additional edge heat treating.
Each Razr™ is hand finished with the utmost care and has
to pass strict quality control inspections.

There are three different Razr™ series:
- the SSR (Sportsman Survival Razr™)
- the Black Tactical Razr™ (Law Enforcement & Military)
- and the Special Combat Razr™, which is professional
military, or anyone who spends more time in the field than

The various models differ from each other in special
enhancements, such as edges, bluing, polishing and handle
options. See descriptions with each knife.

Every Razr™ comes with a detailed Owner's Manual.
All our sheaths are optional because they are like our
knives, very specialized pieces of equipment in themselves.

Tactical Sheath
Unlike some knife makers, we have elected not to give a
poor grade sheath with our knives. Instead, we thought it
more practical to purchase professional grade sheaths in
quantity, hand fit Teflon lock-liners specifically for the
Razr™ into them, and sell them to our Razr™ customers at
our cost. They are heavy duty Special Operations / Tactical
Nylon custom fit to our knives.

Survival System Sheaths
We have true Survival Sheaths. Unlike other proclaimed
"Survival Sheaths", that simply have pouches. Ours have
components and field equipment to get you through ... (see
Survival System Sheaths)
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